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Lupa's Storytime Corner

Wait a minute now...I'm not your bedtime story lady

20 October
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Hello there! My name is Luna, it's a nickname both online and off. I don't usually go about giving my real name until I really get to know people. You never know anymore. Anyways enough of that, I am 30 years old, was born in Colorado but just moved back in with the parents in Kansas. As you can gather from my user name, I am a wolf therian, specifically black timber wolf, but more on that later. I am LupaSheWolf on Werelist.net and pretty much anywhere else I tend to use that name. I am actually very glad to have found some of the communities on LJ! Been looking all over for a community like them and it is due to one that I found Werelist.net and recommend it to others! It is a great place.

As for my hobbies and intrests; reading, anything outdoors, writing. I love meeting new people and would love to meet more therians in Louisiana!!!

As for my therian info! I would say that I have known that I'm a wolf therian for seven years for sure. Before that I hadn't really known what it was or that it had even existed sometime before that. I like to think that I have a lot of searching ahead of me. It took me a few years after I even found out to come to wolf. It took a lot of searching and for a while I thought I'd be searching for a long time. I went from everything from Dolphin and seal to tiger or lion. Then when I felt I was really coming close was when I began to look into dogs as the others just did not fit. Then I finally hit wolf and it was like something in me clicked. It just felt right. Like I had found a piece of me that was missing and yet something still didn't feel right. Of course that would be because I started at Arctic wolves and worked through until I got to timber wolf. That was where it clicked completely! It was like going home! It just felt right. I don't feel so unsure about what I am anymore. What brought me to black wolf was actually a few dreams. The first in which I was running through a forest a human and I came to a stream. I was so thirsty I knew that this would quench that thirst. When I bent over it cupping my hands my reflection was me but a black wolf. This of course was when I was still in my research/finding myself phase. The other I had woken up for working and looked in the mirror and I was a black wolf. This of course made me listen. Since then I have been very happy and really enjoying my continual learning!

There are even things from my childhood that really help me with this. When I was younger I used to pretend to be a dog or wolf all the time, even at school. But really what brings me too it are those memories of me in the backyard trying to crawl the way I felt and somewhat knew was the right way, of course that landed me on my face more often than not. But I would do it time and time again. To me it felt right but my legs would just not cooperate with me. I still feel the same way about howling. I try not to do it but sometimes I just get so excited. It is just not right from human vocal cords. You can make it sound good all you want (which I have tried from years of listening to my Wolf Talk tape and even watching the Documentary's "Wolf: Return of A Legend" and "Living With Wolves" taking hints from Jim Dutcher), but you'll never come close. I get those same thoughts that 'this isn't right', 'that's not how it's supposed to sound'.